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Hair loss of up to 100 hairs per day is, according to dermatologists, a natural phenomenon, which should not cause concern. However, what if not a few dozen hairs are visible every day during a morning visit to the bathroom? Hair falls out all day long. If you underestimate the problem, you may be losing 400-700 hairs per day! This is when you should turn to proven methods. The only known on the market effective solution is Hascovita, about which you will read below.

Hair loss – an increasingly common problem

Hair, even if we are not aware of it, falls out throughout our lives. This is due to the natural life cycle of hair. It consists of three phases.

  • The first phase – anangenic – is the period when hair grows. This phase lasts several years and its length depends on the characteristics of the body itself.
  • The second phase, the catagen phase, is when the hair is no longer growing but is still firmly embedded in the scalp.
  • The third phase- telogen- the stage when the hair prepares to fall out. This usually takes several months and eventually the hair is pushed out and a new hair grows in its place.
    We do not notice hair loss because the place where the hair falls out is covered by hair in different stages of life. It is assumed that no more than 15% of hair is in the telogen stage.

A problem is referred to when the amount of hair loss exceeds a safe limit. In this case, it is important to identify the causes. Baldness may have many causes and identification of these causes determines the choice of the appropriate treatment methods.

The most common causes of hair loss:

  1. Poor diet – the most common cause of increased hair loss. It does not lead to complete baldness, but the hair visibly loses its condition, thins, is more brittle, falls out and the hairstyle in general loses its abundance. It happens so because our body uses nutrients primarily for the proper functioning of internal organs, only then the needs of hair, skin or nails are satisfied. This is why nutrient deficiencies are first noticed in the appearance and condition of hair, skin and nails. Very often hair loss is therefore caused by very strict weight loss diets. Often there is also such a thing as seasonal hair loss, which is related to the fact that in spring and autumn the body is weakened due to the changing seasons.
  2. Poor grooming – this is a downplayed cause in women due to unlimited trust in the correctness of their grooming. Hair is weakened most of all by colouring, permanent colouring products and application of brighteners. Very often the hair is weakened by exposure to high temperatures, i.e. drying and use of hair straighteners and curling irons.
  3. Age – hair ages, as does the entire body. With age, hair becomes thinner and less well embedded in the skin. They grow shorter, while the telogen phase is prolonged. This results in hair thinning and more hair falling out.
  4. Hormones – they are mainly responsible for baldness. Baldness is caused by androgens, i.e. male sex hormones. This is why balding is the domain of men and may start at the age of 25. At the beginning characteristic curves appear, with time moving to the top of the head. This type of baldness may also occur in women. It is connected with hormonal disorders, when there is a higher concentration of male hormones in women. In women, hair loss can also occur when they are breastfeeding, pregnant, because then the hormonal balance is disregulated. Hormonal fluctuations are also the reason for hair loss in women during menopause and andropause.
  5. Scalp conditions – Some scalp conditions may or may not cause baldness. Normal dandruff is unsightly but not dangerous. In contrast, seborrheic dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis often cause increased hair loss. Mycosis fungoides and lichen or folliculitis can also cause hair loss.
  6. Internal diseases – they can also cause baldness. Especially often, hair loss is caused by anemia, thyroid problems or hirsutism. Hair loss may also occur in persons with celiac disease, gastrointestinal disorders or diabetes.

Hascovita Oil – curb hair loss

A popular preparation for hair loss is Hascovita oil. It contains in its composition almost 30 active ingredients, mainly of plant origin. Properly composed ingredients, in appropriate amounts, help reduce symptoms of androgenic alopecia as well as alopecia areata in both genders. This is possible by inhibiting the overproduction of DHT (active form of testosterone). DHT in excess damages hair follicles, resulting in impaired hair growth and structure.
The conducted research has confirmed that as early as after 3 months of treatment with Hascovita oil, 90% of the users show significant improvement.

Effectiveness of Hascovita

Hascovita preparation bases its effectiveness on almost 30 different active ingredients that work on hair growth and condition. By using the preparation on a regular basis, not only does it combat the problem of hair loss, but also provides an effective prophylaxis to prevent the recurrence of this problem.

Burdock root extract – Chinese medicine has known its benefits for centuries

Burdock has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. This plant acts the sebaceous glands. Repeatedly used in other segments of medicine because of its health-promoting effects of the leaves. Burdock is used during therapy with rheumatic pains. Consumption of Burdock leaves also activates the digestive system and may have a diuretic effect.

As it turns out, Burdock root is beneficial for beauty. The power of substances that Burdock root absorbs is unprecedented in other plants. Burdock root extract contained in Hascovita directly shows a cleansing effect and activates not only hair growth, but its correct and natural structure. It turns out that the external administration of burdock is up to 4x more effective than its consumption.

Remember(!): Hascovita is an oil for external use on the hair, or scalp.

Burdock root extract, the main ingredient of Hascovita oil

The innovative form of Hascovita spray has an anti-inflammatory effect, improves the condition of blood vessels, also improving microcirculation in the scalp. This process directly affects the nutrition of hair follicles. Arginine, which is included in the preparation, also has such an effect. Oxygenated and nourished hair follicles increase the production of keratin. This in turn is the main building block of strong and powerful hair.

The oil also contains caffeine. It has stimulating properties and has a soothing effect on the condition of hair. The caffeine content in the preparation has an effect on hair follicles. Traces of caffeine contained in Hascovita also block the secretion of an excessive amount of the active form of testosterone, which is responsible for androgenic alopecia.

The consistency of Hascovita is not accidental. The effective action of this product is possible thanks to proper nourishment and moisturization of the scalp and strengthening of the hydrolipid layer. It is worth noting one more very important ingredient of Hascovit. It is an extract from hops, which is often called European antiseptic hemp.

This extract contains a composition of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins, which makes it close the scales of the hair improving its structure. The source of the above components is also coconut oil, and the components contained in it improve the condition of the hair root, minimizing its disruption, which makes the hair less prone to falling out.

Soybean and wheat germ extracts are also responsible for the regenerative properties of Hascovit. They are a rich source of valuable nutrients, including complex sugars. Thus, they influence the prolongation of the hair growth phase.

Another thing that makes Hascovita stand out from other products is the content of nettle extract. This is another ingredient of Hascovita oil, which has been known for centuries in folk medicine (perhaps a bit forgotten nowadays, but still very effective in its proper form!). It is a rich source of vitamins classified as antioxidants i.e. vitamin A, C and E. It protects hair follicles against free radicals and this reduces the amount of hair loss.

The manufacturer also added Pumpkin as an innovation! Specifically, pumpkin seed extract.  It provides vitamins B and K as well as omega-3 fatty acids, which makes hair healthy, more resistant to breakage and other mechanical injuries.

Hascovita – effectiveness that has been confirmed by research

Tests were conducted on a large group of volunteers, and up to 91% confirmed the positive effects of treatment with Hascovita oil. In 75% the effect was already satisfactory at the end of the treatment. After 8 weeks from the end of the treatment, all treatment participants confirmed that their hair loss was stopped to a safe level, i.e. to a natural hair loss of about 100 hairs per day.

Reviews of dermatologists and trichologists about Hascovita

Specialists in the field of dermatology and trichology speak positively about Hascovita oil. They unanimously confirm the effectiveness of the preparation, noting that there are no other products on the market that would have such a refined formula and such a broad spectrum of action. They claim that Hascovita oil contains everything that hair needs for healthy growth, to regain a healthy appearance, gaining more density and thickness.

Hascovita – worth using

Taking into account the complex action of Hascovita oil, all the results of research and positive reviews of specialists, it is simply worth trying the treatment. In its favor is also an affordable price, which makes even a long treatment, will fit into the possibilities of our household budget. The achieved results are satisfactory both for men and women.

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Additional effect of Burdock root extract, the main ingredient of Hascovita oil

Baicalin is an antioxidant that may protect nerve cells from damage, so it may be effective in the prevention of Parkinson’s disease. A 2003 study confirmed that it can also be used as an anti-anxiety and sedative.

FAQ – the most frequently asked question about Hascovita

Where to buy Hascovita hair oil?

The product is not yet available stationary. The official sales channel for the product is the internet. Use the official manufacturer’s website or the recommended links above. At this time, this is the only way to purchase the original Hascovita series.

After how long do you see results with Hascovita?

If you use the oil regularly, i.e. three doses once a day, the first effects, according to other users and preliminary studies, will be visible after about 14 days.

Hascovita – safe use of the product

  • Hascovita oil is packaged in a special spray form. The product is suitable for external use only. Apply Hascovita Oil directly to the hair or hands and then spread evenly over the entire scalp.
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose of the product. Remember that it is the regularity and regularity of use that counts, not the amount of a single application of the product.
  • Breastfeeding women and people taking medications such as those for chronic diseases should follow their doctor’s advice on how to use the product.
  • Hascovita should be kept out of reach of children. The product is suitable for use for 30 months after opening.

How to use the product

The use of Hascovita is very simple! While the effects of use surpass even the biggest skeptics. Remember the 3 simple steps:

  1. Press the pump three times to dispense the product. You can do it directly on your hair or if you are more comfortable do it on your hands.
  2. Start massaging the oil into your scalp. Perform a scalp massage for about 3 to 5 minutes.
  3. You may feel a warm sensation from the hot pepper extract – all is well! Capsalcin works! Do this treatment once a day.

Remember, no Hascovita requires no washing or rinsing. Simply return to your responsibilities.

Hascovita – additional information, leaflet, contact

If you still need additional information you can consult with us via e-mail: contact@hascovita.com

You can download the official product flyer (in polish language) here.